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Re: Alt controllers (Zvex midi probe possibility)

This would be a possible soultion, but with Zach on board with the idea, 
why not
shoot for the real thing.. :)


Quoting mech <mech@m3ch.net>:

> At 1:19 PM -0600 12/20/06, cpr@musetrap.com wrote:
> >So, I heard back from Zack, and he's showed interest in the midi probe
> idea...
> >he can supply pure resistance or voltage (just a few volts range) from 
> >probe to an a/d converter, but, he doesn't do digital.. so, if there 
> >is someone
> >out there interested in this part of this project let me know.. and 
> see
> >what we can make happen.. :)
> Could you combine a modified Probe with something like this from MIDI 
> Solutions: http://www.midisolutions.com/prodped.htm ?
>       --m.
> -- 
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> "Wind in my heart. Dust in my head..."

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