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Re: Alt controllers

At 12:58 PM -0800 12/21/06, mark sottilaro wrote:
>It sounds like either of those possibilities would get
>placed in the "not worth the time" catagory.  Better
>off investing in something that actually works.

Yeah, you're probably right, especially since I'm not gonna take this 
stupid thing out of the studio anyway.

I was playing with it a few weeks ago and configured it to work with 
Os' Crossfade Loop Synth.  The AXYZ controller was set up to 
manipulate the sample Loop Start & Loop End points across the X & Z 
axes.  I'll tell you, using the AXYZ as a controller results in some 
*wicked* realtime granular-ish manipulations.

Now that was a blast!

"If one cup of makes me feel good, then two cups will make me feel better."