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Re: Alt controllers

After a somewhat frustrating hour with Hipno and my
Panasonic camcorder as a webcam (The Panasonic
PV-GS300 works great as a webcam, btw) I gave up on

I found the best way to make it work was to have very
good lighting, but usually I can't attain this in my
studio... or I should say I don't want to attain this.
 Also, the plug-ins themselves seemed similar to other
Reaktor ens I already have. (though pretty damn cool)


My Christmas present to myself was the Alesis Photon
X25.  Found a store on ebay selling them for $129
refurbs.  Hopefully the issues they had were repaired.
 I figure for $129, how could you go wrong?  Even if
all it does is give me 3 CCs from the IR sensor array
it's worth that.


--- mech <mech@m3ch.net> wrote:

> At 12:08 PM -0800 12/21/06, mark sottilaro wrote:
> >--- mech <mech@m3ch.net> wrote:
> >  > Alesis Photon X25 MIDI Keyboard.
> >
> >Yeah, I heard so many bad things about the Photon I
> >just forgot about it even though it seems pretty
> cool.
> >  Also it's another keyboard I have no real use
> for...
> >but I do have rack arms on my keyboard stand that
> are empty...
> Oh, I hear ya.  Mine has aggravated me so much, I
> even left one of 
> the nastygram reviews over on Harmony Central about
> it.  Although 
> this conversation has started me thinking about
> whether there's any 
> way to chainsaw this puppy into a form factor closer
> to the AirFX. 
> Heck, I wonder if I could find a broken AirFX and
> transfer the guts 
> from the AXYZ controller into that instead....
>       --m.
> -- 
> _______
> "If Television is a babysitter, then the Internet is
> a drunk 
> librarian who won't shut up..."

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