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RE: group loop syncing

I'm really interested in trying to make music with several musicians making loops live with acoustic instruments - in sync! The idea is that our drummer could make a couple of overdubs making a percussion loop, and for the piano and bass player to record a couple of cords to play e.g. a solo. How can we do that? Of course it's important that the loops are exactly the same length and starts over simultanously.
I've checked out the echoplex, and that's a wonderful piece if you don't take a look on the price...
Three of theese "toys" and we need to play for a while getting something to eat. :)
Is there any less expensive alternatives?
How is CR-50? Can you sync them together, but still be able to make independent recordnings, overdubs and changes on the loops?
Is there any computer software to use?
Please. I really have to get on with my ideas.
(Sorry, my english isn't that good. I hope you get my issue anyway...)