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RE: group loop syncing

--- Peter Tikkanen <Peter.Tikkanen@ltu.se> wrote:

> I've checked out the echoplex, and that's a
> wonderful piece if you don't take a look on the
> price...

Yeah, the EDP's price always kept it out of my rack. 
A great looper, no doubt, but if you want to loop
stereo the cost was kind of through the roof compared
to other stereo loopers.

In terms of syncable loopers right now, I don't think
there's much else though.  You can get a Looperlative,
but it's even more though stereo.  If it sat in a
mixer's effects loop you might be able to work it so
that you could all take a channel (there's 8 stereo
channels) but that would be kind of hard to work out
and would probably mean that one person was the

> Three of theese "toys" and we need to play for a
> while getting something to eat. :)

Heh, we have the same issue in the U.S.A.  I find a
"day job" helps.

> Is there any less expensive alternatives?
> How is CR-50? Can you sync them together, but still
> be able to make independent recordnings, overdubs
> and changes on the loops?

CR-50?  I think you mean the RC-50.  I don't own one
but I hear there are sync issues with it unless it's
the master, so it's probably better suited to having a
drum machine follow it.  Look at the Electro-harmonix
2880, that's a good one that might work for you.
> Is there any computer software to use?

There sure is.  I've abandoned dedicated hardware for
a more flexible compact laptop based system.  Mobius
is my looper of choice these days. 
http://www.zonemobius.com  It's amazing, free and the
developer is great.  If you have a laptop that's set
up for audio, get a midi controller and you're done.

If you're on a Mac, you're less fortunate, but Expert
Sleeper's Augustus loop is inexpensive and pretty
fucking fun.  More of a tape loop simulator than
Mobius, but it's really fun.  There's also 

> Please. I really have to get on with my ideas.

Get on it.

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