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Dave Trenkel asked:
"What a great story, Rick! I'm kind of a sucker for reading musician's
memoirs, ever considered writing a book?"

You know, it's funny you mention it.   I'm not a very famous musician so 
I've always wondered
whether any one would be interested in reading such a book,   but I've 
been ridiculously
blessed to have played with many world class and acknowledged master 
musicians from around the
planet  and many of the luminaries of both the World Beat movement in the 
early 80's and the live looping
movement (if one can call it a movement).  I've also had some pretty 
interesting and unusual things happen to me
in my life of music.

What I've been doing lately (mostly because I've realized that it's very 
difficult to get either music or memoirs
published)  is I've started a blog at Tribe.net.  I figured that at one 
point I might just take all those writings
and put them together into a memoirs.

 I've also started posting portions of my Rhythm Intensive method at both 
the FrameDrummers at Yahoogroups
and the Frame Drummers tribe at Tribe.net just so some of those ideas 
get out into the world.

I always imagined that Kim Flint would cringe if I posted those musings on 
the theory of rhythm here at
Loopers Delight so I have shied away from publishing them here but if 
is enough call for them
and if Kim is amenable,  I could post them here as Off Topic adjuncts to 
making music with looping.

We'll see.