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Why not publish the rhythm intensive (or portions thereof) on the  
looppool.info website and advertise it in the forums?

If you want to later extend it you only need to update one place.
You'll be freed of the formatting and structuring limitations of  
mailing lists and blogs.
Interested parties won't be forced to subscribe to the yahoo group.
You'll generate focussed traffic to the looppool.info website.

I'll be one of the first to visit the link!

On Dec 29, 2006, at 11:26 :54, RICK WALKER wrote:

> What I've been doing lately (mostly because I've realized that it's  
> very difficult to get either music or memoirs
> published)  is I've started a blog at Tribe.net.  I figured that at  
> one point I might just take all those writings
> and put them together into a memoirs.
> I've also started posting portions of my Rhythm Intensive method at  
> both the FrameDrummers at Yahoogroups
> and the Frame Drummers tribe at Tribe.net just so some of those  
> ideas would get out into the world.
> I always imagined that Kim Flint would cringe if I posted those  
> musings on the theory of rhythm here at
> Loopers Delight so I have shied away from publishing them here but  
> if there is enough call for them
> and if Kim is amenable,  I could post them here as Off Topic  
> adjuncts to making music with looping.