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Re: KP3


 Metalic,tinny,canny? Check your input levels to make
sure they're not too hot, then start stuffing tissue
paper/foam between the spring coils. post eq and pre
limiting help too.
--- mech <mech@m3ch.net> wrote:

> At 8:45 PM -0800 12/29/06, mark sottilaro wrote:
> >Is the pad really quantized, or does it just work
> more
> >like the kp2 does when you're using a MIDI synced
> >effect?
> Well, I got one over the holidays, so here's the
> "horse's mouth" 
> speaking, as it were.
> I can tell you that rather than being truly
> quantized, there's 
> interpolation going on in there that prevents you
> from actually 
> hearing it on most of the patches.  In fact, the
> main place that I've 
> actually noticed any quantization of the pad is in
> the synth & drum 
> patches (the tones available are discrete notes,
> rather than 
> theremin-like glides), or the EQ type patches where
> you have the pad 
> divided into 4 or 8 bands that can be individually
> controlled.  Those 
> patches intentionally depend upon dividing the pad
> up into discrete 
> units.  They'd be radically different if you didn't.
> Things like the filter patches don't exhibit any
> sort of stepping, if 
> that's what you're worried about.  It behaves just
> like the KP1 and 
> (I'm assuming) the KP2.
> I've also noticed some of what could be referred to
> as quantization 
> on some of the loop sampler patches, but it's not a
> bad thing.  The 
> Auto-BPM function on this thing rocks; it's very
> good.  Then, the 
> loop sampler grabs a slice based on a beat value
> depending upon where 
> you manipulate the pad.  Depending upon where you
> slide, you can 
> manipulate the size of the slice between, say, a
> half-note and a 
> quarter-note.  This is done as a jump between those
> values.  It would 
> be a slightly different effect if there were a
> smooth transition in 
> the slice size after it had been grabbed, but I can
> imagine it being 
> a nightmare if you accidentally get your finger a
> sixteenth of an 
> inch off in the initial sampling and grab one and
> .87625th of a beat. 
> As it is now, the effect is more musical.
> I've been having the most fun with the granular and
> loop-sampler 
> stuff.  You can almost think of it as the hardware
> equivalent of some 
> VST's like NI's FastFX or Bram's (SmartElectronix)
> SupaTrigga.  Okay, 
> you really can't do the random slice re-ordering of
> those programs, 
> but for some nice granular glitchiness and "Max
> Headroom" type 
> stutter effects, this thing is really cool.  The FX
> Release delay is 
> also nice for adding a few extra synced-beats to an
> effect, 
> especially if you're tapping the pad morse-code
> style.
> The effect I'm the most disappointed in is the
> reverb, but then again 
> I'm a bit of a reverb-snob.  It sounds too
> metallic/tin-canny for my 
> tastes; reminds me of some of the early Zoom's. 
> Then again, I knew 
> plenty of people who really dug those same Zoom's,
> so YMM definitely 
> V.
> Oh, and the manual sucks, BTW.  You don't get much
> sense of what it 
> can do without playing with it -- simple trial and
> error.
> Overall, I'm having a lot of fun with it, and with
> the new 
> illuminated pad it's definitely got the
> stage-presence thing down.
>       --m.
> -- 
> _______
> "No more building up; it is time to dissolve..."

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