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Re: Why not a Looper's Delight Podcast ?

On 01/04/07, Todd Pafford <calenlas@gmail.com> wrote:
> Regarding iTunes, I've been a long time podcast listener and I've
> never used iTunes to get them.  I recommend we keep it simple to allow
> access to the largest potential audience:  all tracks should be mp3 so
> they can be played on any system or device.

Agreed. While I use iTunes for my music collection, I distribute my
podcast as mp3s - although the quality is inferior, it does mean
people using something other than an ipod to listen on can play it.

It also reserves the option to re-release podcast stuff on cd with the
tagline "you've heard it as a ropey mp3, now own it in full quality".
Cynical, moi? :)