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New live looping track posted


Laptop looping with Mobius and a bunch of VST plug-ins for spicing up  
the strat's low output single coil line signal. Typically "EDP  
school" looping; only using one track in Mobius and re-moulding three  
linear loops on my way through the piece. I've settled now with only  
ten available effect chains in Bidule, mainly because the FCB1010  
pedal board has ten pedals a bank for instant jumping between  
patches. These sounds were programmed for the fretless Telecaster but  
I think they worked fine with the Strat as well. A bit sloppy  
playing, but I kind of liked it that way in this context. I  
personally experience the guitar as playing a minor part in this  
music, like some drunk crow rambling around among those evolving loop  
sound blocks  ;-))