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SUSSubstitute for Michael Peters

hi Michael
I guess this is what you're after.

Method 1

8th/cycle= your choice

A short press of Insert will substitute a fraction of a cycle, based on 
the 8th/cycle value.
Won't work if the 8th/cycle value is too high for the size of loop (Timing 
LED won't flash)

A good place to start is a 2sec loop and 8th/cycle=8

Method 2


Doesn't get interesting unless you create a small loop and multiply it, 
then a short press of Insert Substitutes just one cycle.

Related Stuff
InsertMode=rPL works in a similar way.

Allows you to start with a short loop, and do a short press of Insert to 
add equal sized chunks each a cycle long
( e.g. andy butler "Tripwire" )

have fun

andy butler

Michael Peters wrote:
>> At  2:15 I changed loop, back to a rhythmic loop that I had created
> earlier by quantized SUSSubstituting
> could someone please list the EDP settings for that kind of rhythm 
> many people here use it - Andy Butler and Bill Walker and others - but I
> never managed to figure how to do it.
> -Michael www.michaelpeters.de