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Re: New live looping track posted

On 2 apr 2007, at 04.57, Krispen Hartung wrote:
> The guitar sounds great to me, Per!
Mainly using the VST plug-ins OhmForce Predatohm and the free mda  
Combo as "the input stage".

> I love the section around 2:15, where you loose the rhythm and then  
> bring it back...nice chord changes.

For the part just before 2:15 I had looped a major triad chord drone,  
played by overdub layering long fuzzed single string notes and then I  
was re-pitching ("loop rate shifting") that major chord drone loop to  
match the melody lines I was playing over it (and vice versa). At  
2:15 I changed loop, back to a rhythmic loop that I had created  
earlier by quantized SUSSubstituting.

The bass notes are created by a pedal script that brings up the  
entire loop one octave, SUSSubstitutes a short slice, goes back down  
to normal octave and finally reverses for a short while to compensate  
for the faster tempo at the higher octave (rate shifting, not pitch  
shifting) so the loop will not go out of sync with other loops  
(although this particular session was not using parallel loops on  
other tracks). So it's really a simple looping system, I don't even  
have to play the bass notes, I simply kick the bass pedal whenever I  
play a regular "guitar register" note that I think would be nice as a  
"bass dot" in the loop one octave below.

> BTW, you can see my new MAX/MSP performance system here: http:// 
> www.krispenhartung.com/gear.htm

Looking nice. It would be interesting with a description of its  
musical virtues ;-)

> What are you using for the reverb VST?

The one I like best is the spring or plate simulation that is part of  
the PSP 608 MultiDelay. That plug-in also does a lot for achieving a  
lush but yet sharp tone!

The stereo recording, of that live looping improvisation, was also  
spice up with a very light touch of a convolution reverb made from a  
long and bright plate reverb. Bass frequencies under 900 Hz was cut  
out before that chebang plate reverb.

On 2 apr 2007, at 09.17, simeon harris wrote:
> it's great how you seem able to keep completely on top of  
> everything that's going on and adapt so quickly to changes that  
> occur...very skillful...and it sounds superb...especially how it  
> flows in and out of rhythm...

Well the performance concept is not trying to play on top of  
anything, rather to simply play whatever feels good and instantly  
creating the loops to thrive on top of my playing ;-)) It's like two  
hand piano playing; you improvise on two fronts, but here it's the  
playing and the looping. And the challenge is to make these two sides  
make some magic together. So I really don't "adapt so quickly to  
changes that occur" because I myself am making up those changes as I  
go. And since they are part of the improvisation I know about them  
some seconds in advance and can avoid the worst traps.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)
http://tinyurl.com/fauvm (podcast)
http://tinyurl.com/2kek7h (CC donationware music releases)