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RE: Bob Sellon's new Looper PRO ROM for Jamman!!!

Title: RE: Bob Sellon's new Looper PRO ROM for Jamman!!!

>>It does requite a few simple mods to the jamman, like populating the empty PRAM socket (69)<<

actually it doesn't, or at least it didn't when I bought my upgrade roms from mr sellon, along with his CD... :-) the p-ram would probably help an advanced user to save a number of configs, but the updated software works fine without it.
I have to admit, I gave up with the new version, though- there just isn't enough UI for the extra functions, for my ten cents. the one I really liked was being able to switch back & forth between looper & delay modes. my guitarist can't get his head round the multiple page thing- he got upset (initially, anyway) when I expanded his machine to 32 seconds.... :-)