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Re[2]: Bob Sellon's new Looper PRO ROM for Jamman!!!


Friday, April 6, 2007, 20:03:00: you wrote:

> http://www.stecrecords.com/gear/jamman/LooperPro/doc/

> It's really incredible. I was involved somewhat 
> in it's testing and development (there is a Midi 
> Map named for me)..
>   It does requite a few simple mods to the jamman, 
> like populating the empty PRAM socket (69)

Please tell me more, what does mean "populating the empty PRAM
I burn the ROM image "JamManLooperPro0_1.BIN" into 27C256, but
Jamman doesn't start and display doesn't lit and so on :-(

I don't have Extended memory (I have only 8 sec), and don't have
EEPROM chip (NM93C66EN). May be this is problem???
I have "Enhancement" ROM ver 4. It's work fine!

Any suggestion?

p.s. Looking forward to hearing from you.


 Dmitry                          mailto:railman@hotpop.com