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Re: EDP woes, part two

1,000s of these have been sold and used without this problem.  It seems 
very coincidental that you have encountered the identical defect with two 
units.  I'm presuming you got the replacement from the same place as the 
first, so perhaps it could represent a manufacturing defect in some 
sequentially produced units (serial numbers close to each other?).

Perhaps there is some other variable at work here that might be causing 
the problem?  It is impossible for me to second guess from a distance but 
coincidence makes me wonder.  Are you nearby anyone on this forum that has 
an EDP that would let you do a side-by-side test/comparison?  I am in the 
San Francisco bay area and have an EDP if that would help.

Meanwhile to answer the question you actually asked, I have a Looperlative 
LP-1, EDP, and Electrix Repeater.  I don't have degraded or crackly sound 
on any of them and I would say that each of them works according to their 
features and functions.  Of the 3, I vastly prefer and mostly use the LP-1 
however in some earlier versions of the software (Bob upgrades it 
regularly) I have had issues with (rarely) freezing up and three times an 
unexplained distorted sound on one of the 8 channels. I have not 
encountered either of these issues in the last several months.  I had some 
very serious concerns when I first fired the LP-1 up on day 1.  Several 
scary hours later, I realized I had set it up incorrectly.

Good luck,
Jim W.

-----Original Message-----
>From: taittinger91 <taittinger91@yahoo.com>
>Sent: Apr 6, 2007 1:51 PM
>To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>Subject: EDP woes, part two
>Just wanted to share the fact that I replaced my defective EDP (since I 
>don't have time to get it repaired before my gigs, nor do I have the 
>technological capabilites to open it up and reseat the PROMs, thanks 
>Francisco) with a new one that also appears to be defective (sound is 
>degraded and crackly). I chose the EDP after quite a lot of research, 
>including this board (I guess I only saw the recommendations and not the 
>warnings). Obviously this is the last time I'm ever buying a Gibson 
>product and I will certainly do my best to spread the word about their 
>deficiencies. Does anyone have any recommendations for a looper that 
>actually works?
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