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Re: EDP woes, part two

--- taittinger91 <taittinger91@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Just wanted to share the fact that I replaced my
> defective EDP (since I don't have time to get it
> repaired before my gigs, nor do I have the
> technological capabilites to open it up and reseat
> the PROMs, thanks Francisco) with a new one that
> also appears to be defective (sound is degraded and
> crackly). 

Wow, that seems really unlucky.  Oddly enough, I once
bought a defective EDP and returned it.  It was a time
when they weren't shipping and I was told it would be
months before I'd possibily get a replacement so I
abandoned it.  However, I've seen dozens of EDP users
that seem to have no problems so I guess you were just

I'd say don't give up on it if it's got the features
you want, as there's not much out there now in it's
price range that touches it.  If you don't care about
feedback control or a lot of the other things the EDP
does so well, I guess there's the Boss RC line.  I've
never had a Boss piece of gear fail on me.

That said, I abandoned hardware looping and I've been
100% software looping for a long time now and I love
it.  It can crash, but I find it only does when I'm
doing something silly like trying to load a new VST
while a loop is going.  Sounds like you're not a guy
who likes to fiddle with gear so perhaps this isn't
the best idea as it takes time to set up and get

Good luck,


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