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Re: Mastering music

The standard mastering plug in these days is Waves Ultramaximizer. Not sure what the latest edition of it might be called. It works well for this.

Don't know if it works with Ableton.

I use an antique version of the Ultramaximizer- the L1 - and it works well if you don't over do it. I've gotten good comments on my mastering. Hah! It makes me chuckle.

They also have a hardware version that I hear is quite cool. Don't know what it costs.

I think their URL is


happy hunting!!

richard sales
glassWing farm and studio
vancouver island, b.c.

On 7-Apr-07, at 10:06 AM, rune fagereng wrote:

Hi !

I have a friend with a different studio-setup then me
- both hardware and software. As a part of his gear
there is a mastering-effect - its one where you can
see the soundfiles when working with them. My software
- ableton also has some effects called
masteringeffects - but I cant get the punch and
"closeness" like he get - when mastering even my