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Re: AW: Mastering music (OT topic!)

Hi !

Best regards of Rune F.

--- Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill
<rs@moinlabs.de> skrev:

> Welcome to the dark voodoo of audio mastering, Rune.
> There is no quick rundown on this very topic, nor
> would I imagine a space
> for it here, at least not in all its necessary
> depth.
> As for information sources, there are a few
> knowledgeable people on
> recording.org.
> For instant gratification, I'd recommend getting a
> TC Electronics Finalizer.
> As for the process:
> Mastering (or pre-mastering as it's precisely
> called) is the step in working
> on your audio right before it goes to your
> destination medium. Its goal is
> to make the audio experience enjoyable for the
> listeners.
> Usually, you won't do anything related to mastering
> within Ableton - and if
> you still do, a mastering engineer to whom you give
> your material for
> production will slap you silly. A proper way of
> doing things would be to
> record a clean mix in you DAW application in a
> "deep" format (meaning 32
> bit) and then doing the mastering in a completely
> separate step - in an
> audio editor as WaveLab or Sequoia using dedicated
> plugins, or even using
> outboard - mostly analogue - hardware altogether.
> A primer recommended by a cat on recording.org is
> http://www.diplo.co.uk/music/mastering.php, but as
> always, take the gospel
> with a grain of salt.
> And make sure to master in your bedroom after a
> restless night of sleep - an
> unmade bed is by far the cheapest efficient bass
> trap for tuning your room
> acoustics!
> > Does anyone have tip on mastering - and
> > masteringeffects that works with mac and ableton ?

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