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Re: Living under a rock

Heheh. yes but I fully concur with Samba on that.  So many people I 
talked to and people very special to me like my uncle who always enjoyed 
driving me around LA and talking about times in the music biz and so 
on... have become so indoctrinated by the media that it's really hard 
for them to think straight anymore.  And it really saddened me that last 
time I was down there I guess a couple years ago now, he just blew up at 
me over some contrived thing and I just let him rail on me and vent and 
when I got back loaded up and left and haven't been back. He's in bad 
health and it really saddens me but what can I do?  He chose who to put 
his trust in.    If the media turns a blind eye to something...THEY turn 
a blind eye to it.  If the media focuses on something SO do they.  (eg.  
Bantering "And still no sign of WMD's" 50 bazillion times! To *me*...an 
unbiased reporter last I checked...I'd consider the lack of findings a 
moot point since there's no absolute way one would *expect* to find such 
things since a big convoy went to Syria during the foot dragging period 
before invasion which obviously contained *something* that was being 
moved in anticipation...  Not that I'm for one or another type of action 
in this case.  JUST pointing out a clear example of how the media is 
clearly 'yoked together' in some kind of agenda here.  And of course big 
money people own it all..and they probably talk and plan because that's 
the way humans are and that's how they get rich in the first place 
usually :-).  )

I quote some great Steve Taylor lyrics:

"How do we strick it rich? 
Kissin' up to the powerful
how do we make our pitch?
sattellites by the tower full."

I think there's a realization of things like this that sets people up to 
be able to write great songs.  Music can be perceived as 'sappy' for 
instance...even non-lyrical music... because instrumentally it seems... 
oh..'disconnected' perhaps with relevance in people's lives.  Sappy 
music is largely like by older people who want to recreate a time they 
once knew where the music did seem relevant to them.  The way some 
things in the world are going, I wonder if Slayer might someday be 
considered 'sappy'. hehe. 

But anyway I believe relevant creativity is the key.  As I look back on 
the musical past the people who really still inspire me when I listen to 
their old tracks aren't people who sing about how things used to be.  
THey're people who cut through deception and presented some aspect of 
life in a more clear way than I'd heard it before.  Using that 
multi-dimensional gift of expression we call music to communicate to the 
soul mind and spirit. Some stuff like...late 70's vangelis for 
instance... though all non-lyrical pretty much, seems to communicate 
very powerfully.  Does anyone else hear that when they listen to like 
"China" for instance?  I mean we're talking about more than a guy 
playing 'chinesey sounding' sounds on his synthesizer :-).  The're an 
order to it that expresses so many aspects of china's history and 
emergence into the world economy and so on.   Brilliant piece of work 

(As some may not know, Vangelis is kind of a looping pioneer in a way 
and highly recommend studying what he did with the tools he had at the 
time...ie...all of them that were available at the time.. :-) )  -Bob

Qua Veda wrote:

> Hi Samba,
>Getting more difficult to fully escape, isn't it ;-)   
>(ref to the ad for a mortgage at the bottom of your email)
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>From: samba - [mailto:sambacomet@hotmail.com] 
>Sent: Saturday, April 07, 2007 11:57 AM
>To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>Subject: Living under a rock
>...kind of amusing and tragic that folks are so mass media saturated that
>they assume what's current is the common point of view. I  actively cut 
>  advertising/indoctrination stuff out of my sensory field 35 years
>ago.Don't have a tv.,or go to hollwood flicks,or the mall.I don't buy
>anything new except light bulbs and toilet paper.  From my point of view
>it's the one's who's sense of context is defined by tv movies and what's
>being sold at the mall who live under a rock-nothing personal,but the real
>world is much bigger and richer.
>  BTW it's no secret that if you give you get.
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