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Promotion sites for independent artists

Hi everybody,
as IŽm at the moment searching the internet for any kind of promotion-websites, I stumbled upon a site which seems interesting enough to let you know:
This site offers 100MB of free artist space for music and the possibility of selling songs as downloads for any price you chose. They leave 71% of the payment with the artist and they have a rating system and charts for different genres, which enables you to become "Featured Artist" on the main page.
So for everybody who is interested in all kinds of independent music, this is a place to check out.
The only downside at the moment is, that they donŽt have proper categories for experimental or ambient music - but maybe youŽll find a category for yourselves.
Ingo Ito
P.S.: If anybody is interested, hereŽs my artist area at IM.net: www.indiependencemusic.net/artistPage.php?artistId=2742
         And a second interesting site for promotion is www.indielinkexchange.com/ile/