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Re: greek under a rock

The kind of 'looping' vangelis did was of course more primitive using 
arpegiators of course since that was the only device on his hardware 
capable of doing repetative things in the performance.  I'm calling it 
'looping' because there is an analogous aspect there.  Interjecting 
repetative patterns into a live performance.  Albeit much simpler in 
construction than the detailed loops were are using here today.  :-).  
Much to be learned from listening to that stuff though for those who 
haven't been exposed to it.  "Soil Festivities" is a great example. -Bob

Goddard, Duncan wrote:

> I don't know how much looping he did though- I have a live-set from 
> the 70s, a bootleg of one of his rare live appearances. he's obviously 
> trying to do everything on his own, & uses a simple step-sequencer 
> (possibly an arp 16xx) which transposes occasionally in response to a 
> bass synth line, while he bangs around on a steinway grand with the 
> other hand. not for him the pre-loaded revoxes of klaus schulze et al.
> there are a few variations on the "blade runner" ST in circulation- 
> one I have here is a double CD & seems to be sketches, out-takes & 
> bits of sound-design he may or may not have recorded/intended for the 
> movie. it is like taking a vacation in the LA of 2017, as seen in the 
> movie, but without the plot getting in the way. fabulous.
> duncan.