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mr-8 as a looper (portable hard disc looping)/EVH gtr

some late answers to previous posts-
i believe i saw somewhere that the EVH gtr (frankenstrat replica) was supposed
to be in the 30,000$ range & only 300 were going to be made (which i think puts it in
the range of the clapton "blackie" strat relic for cost)
as for the question of portable hard disc recording-
i have the original fostex mr-8, it has very limited editing capabilities and cut and paste
options....i think it will loop but i'm not sure how user friendly it would be w/
live looping....and i'm not sure the buttons are live friendly....
it works great in my little studio space for recording etc... (and i use it to capture my studio experiments  etc)
and i should say that i really use a fraction of what it can do, but i do know its
not up there w/ the fancy computer editing that others units can do.
remember this was made for 8 tracks of recording to digital for under
300$ back in '03.
there is a new version out that i'm sure has more bells and whistles,
but i would say that honestly, if you want to catch and loop material there is
cheaper and easier options than the mr8.

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