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Re: OT: Busking

     I myself have somewhat of a difficult relationship with buskers.  All 
too often, there is not
enough talent to shake a stick at.  At the same time, I've spent a good 
hour from time to time
just soaking up the radience that sometimes eminates from such performers. 
 I remember as a
teenager spending 3 hours watching a yellow-faced mime in San Francisco, 
just because I found
myself so moved by his performance.

     Busking seems to be one of the most difficult of performance-craft 
that I know of.  Either
you play what is comfortable for the passers-by because you want to 
maximize your profit, or you
stick to your guns and play your heart out in the moment of whatever the 
muse happens to bring
you.  Mostly crumbs, seldom a feast.


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