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Re: LD on Gmail


I suffered from exactly the same problem. What I heartily recommend,
having been doing this myself for a few weeks, is to unsub from the
digest, sub to the regular mailing list, and then set up a google
filter for LD mail. You can (optionally) get it to skip your inbox for
the filtered mails, so you don't get notified constantly of new mails
coming in, and it puts them in a nice little filter box on the left
hand side of your inbox, with an unread count and everything. Added
bonus is that's it's now much easier to reply to mails, without
deleting irrelevant parts of the digest every time.


On 10/04/07, Matt Davignon <mattdavignon@gmail.com> wrote:
> Reading the digest on my gmail account, I'm not seeing the email
> headers (including the "from" and "subject" info) on the individual
> messages. It's rather hard to tell when one message ends and another
> begins. Do any Gmail users know how to make these visible?
> Matt