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Re: LD on Gmail

I too use Gmail. My trick is to set up a local computer email client  
to fetch the messages from the Gmail account. This way I can read  
them on the local machine an take advantage of the superior filtering  
options normally offered by a local email client. Now and then I fire  
up a web browser and log in at the Gmail account to delete the read/ 
downloaded messages at the server. I'm finding this a fast and  
efficient correspondence set-up with a built-in online second back-up.

I have also set up the Gmail account to filter different lists into  
their dedicated catalogues. That's convenient when I have to read  
mails online, but for me that is not as fast as downloading THROUGH  
the Gmail account and do the sorting and reading locally.


On Apr 10, 2007, at 2:52, Michael Billow wrote:
> Yes Matt, I'm noticing the same problem. Perhaps a note to the  
> gmail team
> might inspire them to correct that. It is a work in progress.
> On 4/9/07, Matt Davignon <mattdavignon@gmail.com> wrote: Reading  
> the digest on my gmail account, I'm not seeing the email
> headers (including the "from" and "subject" info) on the individual
> messages. It's rather hard to tell when one message ends and another
> begins. Do any Gmail users know how to make these visible?
> Matt