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Re: RC-50 tempo sync issues via MIDI clock


But we don't want the RC50 to be the master!  :) We want the drummer
to be able to send the start/stop messages and control the tempo.  So,
I really don't care if it works the other way.  And yes, this issue
exists with Ableton Live acting as the Master.

But the question continues to puzzle me:  Why would Roland even have
the tempo include a tenth degree slot for the tempo's BPM (for
example, 139.8BPM instead of just rounding up to 140BPM)?  Am I
mistaken when thinking most MIDI clock masters/slave read tempo in
whole numbers?

Thanks, John

> I thought i heard someone say a while back that the RC50 has to be the
> master, not the slave, then it will work...Try that and let me know if it
> works because if the until will not synch up via MIDI i have to get rid 
> mine because this is exactly why i bought it and what i was going to use 
> for....to MIDI synch up to Ableton's Live...
> Sean Mormelo
> www.seanmormelo.com
> www.myspace.com/seanmormelo
> www.CDbaby.com/seanmormelo