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Re: RC-50 tempo sync issues via MIDI clock

bug Roland about it... squeaky wheel gets the grease.

I call them a lot about this and they always say the same thing...  
that they don't see the japan office doing anything about it.
Maybe cause I'm the only one calling?

Roland US
Guitar/Percussion Products: 323-890-3743

sucks really.


On Apr 10, 2007, at 8:59 AM, John K. wrote:

> Sean,
> But we don't want the RC50 to be the master!  :) We want the drummer
> to be able to send the start/stop messages and control the tempo.  So,
> I really don't care if it works the other way.  And yes, this issue
> exists with Ableton Live acting as the Master.
> But the question continues to puzzle me:  Why would Roland even have
> the tempo include a tenth degree slot for the tempo's BPM (for
> example, 139.8BPM instead of just rounding up to 140BPM)?  Am I
> mistaken when thinking most MIDI clock masters/slave read tempo in
> whole numbers?
> Thanks, John