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RE: RC-50 tempo sync issues via MIDI clock

I also noticed some sync issues with my RC-50 and my synth's arpeggiators. 
My midi setup:
- RC-50: master
- Yamaha S90ES: slave
- Roland V-Synth: slave

As soon as I use the tempo pedal, both synth's are synced directly, 
including the arpeggiator's. But after let's say 10-20 secs, the 
arpeggiator of the Yamaha is running out of sync. For the V-Synth, it's 
takes longer but it will start to run out of sync sooner or later.

But I wonder if it has to do with the RC-50. The main issue here is that 
the arp pattern isn't re-triggered at the end of the loop. I wouldn't be 
surprised that any midi devices like PC or Mac sequencers will have the 
same problem. And I think the same might occur when you use the RC-50 as a 
slave: the phrases are not re-triggered at end the loop. But I don't know 
all the internals of the RC-50 so I'm not sure.

Does anyone agree with my theory?
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