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Re: RC-50 tempo sync issues via MIDI clock

Never had a problem arpeggiating from sequencer. But the seq was the master. No wait! I think it worked even when I was slaved to time code. But that's not the same as midi beat clock. But it held sync fine for my ears... and all of the film and video folks I worked for.

Before MIDI I used to sync my Linndrum to my Jupiter 8 arpeggiator and that worked well too.

I'm afraid the RC50 is suspect. And your observations seem to jibe with Kenny's findings.

I hope this isn't stupid. Been a long time since the MIDI wars for me. But some of the old tanks & Gattling guns are still in my studio.

BTW, speaking of old tanks and Gattling guns, I'm having my old Arp OMNI II fully restored to sell on Ebay. Same with my Chroma Polaris. I'll let you know when they go up.

richard sales
glassWing farm and studio
vancouver island, b.c.

On 11-Apr-07, at 8:06 AM, Sjaak wrote:

I also noticed some sync issues with my RC-50 and my synth's arpeggiators. My midi setup:
- RC-50: master
- Yamaha S90ES: slave
- Roland V-Synth: slave

As soon as I use the tempo pedal, both synth's are synced directly, including the arpeggiator's. But after let's say 10-20 secs, the arpeggiator of the Yamaha is running out of sync. For the V-Synth, it's takes longer but it will start to run out of sync sooner or later.

But I wonder if it has to do with the RC-50. The main issue here is that the arp pattern isn't re-triggered at the end of the loop. I wouldn't be surprised that any midi devices like PC or Mac sequencers will have the same problem. And I think the same might occur when you use the RC-50 as a slave: the phrases are not re-triggered at end the loop. But I don't know all the internals of the RC-50 so I'm not sure.

Does anyone agree with my theory?
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