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Re: OT "He is" or "I am"

probably personal preference. i make a distinction for parts of my site that are straight biography and make those 3rd person. the reason being that bits of my bio (which actually wasn't written by me...but by) get copied by the press, and i've never seen an artist bio in the first person.

the rest of my site i do in the first person...news, shows, etc...so its a mix.

when an artist site is entirely 3rd person (for example if someone starts doing it for you) i think it is nice when there is an "artist" statement in your voice.


On Apr 10, 2007, at 2:29 PM, Michael Peters wrote:

I've checked some other websites for this and apparently it is quite normal

to say something like "Per Boysen is one of Swedenís leading live-looping

musicians" or "A leading figure in the emerging international live looping

movement, Rick is a sound designer, electronic music composer ..." or

"Avant-cellist ZoŽ Keating is a one-woman string quartet " ... even though

we all know (and all site visitors know) that each of us wrote this