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Re: OT "He is" or "I am"

Both ways...

Often times when promoters/booking agents view a profile and see it 
in third person it looks like your "Staff" is bigger than it is..in other 
words, you've got enough going on and you're important enough to pay 
to do stuff for you. People DON'T know you've done it yourself.   I've 
both (and also had people write stuff for/about me as well).  People do 
think there is someone behind the scenes if it's written well.  There was 
series of releases I did once where everything was in third person and I'd 
throw a quote in at the end.  People loved the quote from me and would ask 
me to talk more about stuff in my releases. So I did.  They never knew it 
was all me anyway in that case.

If you want to come across a more professional, that you're an indie 
that's got his own label...use third person.  You can always ask someone 
else to write it and then you won't feel weird.;-)



----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Michael Peters" <mp@mpeters.de>
To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2007 4:29 PM
Subject: OT "He is" or "I am"

how do we present ourselves on the web? I have a question of style: I'm
currently busy setting up my new website, finally ... (no, it is not online

I'm going for a conventional site with a menu on the left and content on 
right, nothing fancy, nothing too confusing, nothing too artsy ... the
design can change later if I feel like it, first thing I want to have is a
website for all my various projects.

The start page says something about me, something like, "Michael plays
guitar and loves livelooping ... he also uses the computer to create 
sounds ... blah blah". Stuff like that.

Now my wife comes in and looks over my shoulder and wonders why I don't
write "I play guitar and love livelooping ... I also use the computer" etc.
etc. - I'm writing this about myself, so why don't I say "I" ?

I don't know how to put it. If I say "he is" it sounds like somebody else
has written it about me, while everybody knows that I wrote it myself.
Somehow silly but then it does sound more neutral and objective. If I wrote
"I am" the page would be full of "I've done this, I've done that" and
somehow that wouldn't feel right either.

I've checked some other websites for this and apparently it is quite normal
to say something like "Per Boysen is one of Sweden's leading live-looping
musicians" or "A leading figure in the emerging international live looping
movement, Rick is a sound designer, electronic music composer ..." or
"Avant-cellist ZoŽ Keating is a one-woman string quartet " ... even though
we all know (and all site visitors know) that each of us wrote this


-Michael www.michaelpeters.de