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Busk a move moondog gramps

  I played moondog on the radio too. I  first encountered Gramps in Pike 
mkt in the early 80s. He's at least as strange off stage as on,it's not 
really schtick.If you know Gramps from the OCF we've prolly crossed 
paths,I've been going since 74-this will be my 33rd year. Last time I 
in Pike st mid 90s, Gramps gave me a decent tip. I made my liveing ,or at 
least the money I ate on w/ street music in the early 70s in my rambling 
days. Did really well in Canada,like 15US  an hour in the mid 70s when min 
wage ws 2 ,but it was cause I was so bad they felt sorry for me.   There 
another guy in SF in those days,Professor Gizmo who had a washboard  jug 
,harmonica kazoo rack and varios slide whisltes,sirens bells etc. I recall 
him doing a fully orchestrated version of St Louis Blues.
  The bucket drumming thing started on the E.coast sometime in the early 
mid 80s.it was a long time before it got to the W. coast. It's probably a 
meme that more than one person thought of. There are some people who play 
big 50 gallon plastic barrels and pots and pans ,any sort of junk 
,on the street n Santa Cruz who sometimes really wail .I've played with 
when they had a very intense syncopated ,fast 15 going ,and they all knew 
where they were.

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