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Re-Name that song - competition

Hi Robmusic fans!

Most of you will be familiar with my slightly unorthodox song titles.

They are actually instrumentals! – and when you’ve been writing instrumental material for nearly 20 years its hard to keep coming up with meaningful, clever, or witty titles (that are not clichéd and corny)  - without the odd rude word slipping in!


Now a lot of you are familiar with my instrumental epic piece Dickhead in a G string – it won a local song writing award in 2004 for the best instrumental.  Judges thought it was a bit too long and could do with a change of title. I stood firm against this and was only willing to shorten the title to ‘Dickhead’.  That’s the anarchist in me!


However, it is starting to get embarrassing (or at the very least awkward) now that I am trying to push my material to a wider audience.  More and more comments like - such a great piece of music, why did you call it that? – are cropping up.


I can’t help thinking that maybe it will go further with a cleaner title.


Anyway – the track is on promo copies of my new album, Terrafirma.

Later this year I hope to get the album professionally  manufactured and mass produced – so there is an opportunity for a name change.




Can you come up with a better title??? – have a listen on my mp3 page!






I am offering free CDs for the best title/s!! 


If I decide to go with a new title – that will end up on the mastered CD and the winner will get multiple copies (2 or3 ) of the new album plus one copy of each of my previous Cds EARTHROCK and TOUCHED BY THE SUN.


Sound good? Have a go!

Deadline  - end of June 2007.    




But then f#ck it I might just keep the title.  I’ll still give a few Cds away for the best suggestions




Rob McDade













Rob McDade
Heritage Collection Development Librarian (Non-print)
State Library of South Australia

North Terrace,  Adelaide  SA  5000
GPO Box 419, Adelaide   SA  5001
Ph. 61-8-8207 7261 
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Fax. 61-8-8207 7307


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