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Re: Re-Name that song - competition

McDade, Rob (SLSA) schrieb:
> Now a lot of you are familiar with my instrumental epic piece Dickhead 
> in a G string – it won a local song writing award in 2004 for the best 
> instrumental.  Judges thought it was a bit too long and could do with a 
> change of title. I stood firm against this and was only willing to 
> shorten the title to ‘Dickhead’.  That’s the anarchist in me!

Please go back to the original title, its much better, also the length 
of the piece is fine. In fact I usually skip CD's which contain only 
"radiolength" pieces, the probability that its boring music is just way 
too high...
  You made your decisions without the critics in mind. Now the critics 
have a problem and it should rest with them. Its not your problem 
anymore, as you did make a decision in the past. Changing only for the 
sake of critical request is not a good idea. It would be different if 
you, on your own would not be satisfied with it, but it doesn't sound 
like that....

Appreciate the positive critic of Daryl, but protect the anarchist in 
you. In the end the audience will appreciate that much more than any 
kind of kissass....


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