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OT "He is" or "I am"

Thanks to all of you for the great ideas here as well!

Talking about my own website www.moinlabs.de (nota bene: problems with the
DHTML code make this almost unreadable on Firefox browsers - IE works fine
here), (and my "marketing communication" in general), the major concept
behind it is...inconsistency.

This has in part to do with the fact that the website is just a grown heap
of information, containing both stuff about my projects (the purple
"MOINLABS" section) and just info and articles I wrote about other stuff
(the yellow "OTHER THINGS" section). Leaving the "yellow stuff" aside in
this discussion for one moment:

There is always a changing perspective from first- to third-person (e.g. 
info on the album projects "JANUS" and "Sauflieder Band 1"). Sometimes I 
the description in a fictional context (see e.g. "The Cosmo Sessions"). 
makes the thing more complicated still is the fact that I did/do both solo
and ensemble work, and for the ensembles, of course a third-person
perspective (e.g. "Eclectic Blah" ist a project of blahblah...) is in 

Here's what I found happened (and this sometimes matches with some of the
suggestions I found here):
        * Everything about ensembles is third-person
        * Stuff about own projects or releases is first- or third-person,
depending on my "mood at the moment"
        * Stuff targeted as a press text is third-person, sometimes spiced
up with first-person statements marked as such by quotation marks (e.g. the
"Clean Trippin"-subwebsite (German) under "MOINLABS/The Past/Clean 
        * There's an old (to-be-updated) non-targeted c.v.: first-person
        * There are two "auto-interviews", which while marked as such (i.e.
"Straschill interviews Straschill") does really seem like a "neutral"
interviewer leads a conversation with me

There's a lot to do for me here - most of all whipping up a good press
text/bio/whatnot and making it available for download in a fashion clearly
visible from the front page.

And then I need to completely reorganize this old site...

Then there's other communication. For several years I've been writing
(sometimes separate, sometimes combined) annual newsletters about 
of mine and of Eclectic Blah. These were first-person (in case of the stuff
about me), somtimes quoting a third-person press text or third-person (in
case of the stuff about Eclectic Blah), sometimes spiced up with
first-person statements of mine marked as such.

And now - ***!!!SHAMELESS PLUG!!!*** - there is for the first time a video

For that one (contents: my activities in 2006 as well as plans for 2007), I
got together with a friend (a DJ and cultural scientist) and asked him to
interview me. I gave him a very coarse outline of topics and questions I
wanted him to ask me, as well as a list of tunes from which he would pick
the tracks for the video.
For the video itself, we did a first test run (beginning to end without
stops), which I would then review and use as a basis for discussion and
improvement. The second shooting was done in sections (separated by the
tunes), and in between these four scenes we would quickly talk about what 
just did.

Btw, there is a lot of talk about looping/loopfestival/loop people related
stuff, with lots of references toward events, websites and people
(y2k6loopfest, LD, Rick Walker, Krispen Hartung, kybermusik).

To cut a long story short: Please take a look at the video, please, and 
me your feedback, either here (if fitting) or via private email!

The video is in four parts, and one video of outtakes:
        Part 1: Introduction, Y2K6 Live Looping Festival (and Looping in
        Part 2: Live Looping (cont'd), kybermusik
        Part 3: musical styles/genres in MoinSound, recent MoinSound
history, Eclectic Blah
        Part 4: Eclectic Blah (cont'd), Summary