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Re: OT "He is" or "I am"

great point!!

> I just remembered a good advice someone once gave me, that I forgot
> to write into my other post on this topic. If you intend to write an
> online (or elsewhere) bio to target journalists and other media
> VIP's, please ask some journalist friend either to write it or at
> least to read what you have written and give some constructive (truly
> unforgiving) feedback. One important point when providing a "half
> short" bio or press release is to both leave out areas to let
> journalists "be a good pro and find out facts by ones own
> journalistic skills" and to provide some text blocks that could be
> pasted into an article (if the journalist should be busy and "forced"
> into this less professional writing technique). The art of penning
> press releases is to know your targeted audience and correctly pitch
> the level between  the explicitly written facts, the implied facts
> and the deliberately left out facts. Back when record labels still
> were selling lots of discs each label used to keep at least one
> employee of this skill, but today the rule is to pay a freelance
> writer to do it.
> per