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Re: I think some of you guys are going to love this--a computer built into a guitar amp

"I guess I'm just enamored of the "one box" idea. When I mounted the
rolls preamp in my computer, high-gain guitar settings gave
unacceptable amounts of noise. It was the interaction of the preamp
and the computer. While the pickups can cause some problems in
proximity to a computer, that hasn't been a big problem for me. I'd
love to have an amp that ran mobius and my guitar amp sims. You could
just turn the power on and start playing anywhere. Imagine it had a
battery. I'd love it."

I hear you.  I'm planning to build my next PC inside a rackmount server
case, so I can take it along with my audio interface, amp and power
supply in one enclosure.  Much more robust than a laptop I would think,
and I can fix/upgrade it at lower cost.  Not so good for international
travel though. 

I envy people who can just travel w/ a laptop and a guitar or whatever
and plug into the PA, but I've never been in that situation.  I've only
played small venues in the U.S. and...well...you're better off bringing

your own amp and cabinet or portable PA if you can.  If you don't, your
sound gets slaughtered, or you get to a alternative (non-club) venue
and the "PA" is a karaoke machine. 


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