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Semi-OT: Music Computer/Hazardous Materials

"Art Simon" <simart@gmail.com> put forth:
>I tried to build a "one box" music computer where I could plug my
> guitar in straight into the computer. Ultimately, I failed, the noise
> from computer made the internal preamp unusable. This project goes one
> better--a guy modded an old guitar amp and installed a computer inside
> it. It's a couple years old, I can't believe I didn't find it until
> today.
> http://www.bit-tech.net/modding/2005/11/01/Creative_X-fi_Music_/1.html
> I'm salivating, boy I'd love one of these.

Cute idea!  I would say only one negative thing about his implementation: 
The use of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) is a source for a good amount 
dust unless varnished or otherwise coated - and I believe it's still made 
using formaldehyde, which introduces a toxic element should the box get 
overheated.  Remember that a motherboard has to endure temperatures of 40C 
(110F) and above - and so a funky, musky smell would eventually emanate 
the box.  I know something about MDF after having managed the workmen 
the house here.  English workmen (at times a conflict in terms!) will use 
MDF anytime they think they can get away with it - and when it is placed 
next to dissimilar materials like plasterboard or rock wall, cracks in 
separation will result over a short time.

Better to use plywood, which, while a glue is used in making it, we're 
talking layers of wood, and not infused-glue compositing.

<fade to credits>

Thanks for watching This Old PC.  Next week we'll be trashing a Victorian 
mansion's innards and having multiple tea breaks...

Stephen Goodman
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