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Re: Mastering music

I read this interview with Bob Orban (of Orban, who do processors for radio
stations) that US radio stations had been discussing putting out a maximum
rating for a peak-to-RMS value for music which is allowed to be played on
the radio. As a matter of fact, such "overlimited" material poses a serious
problem to these broadcast processors as well.

If I'm not mistaken, there is a contradiction here. A maximum peak-to-RMS value would actually favor "overlimited" material, not reject it.

A high peak-to-RMS ratio means large dynamic range. Compressors & limiters bring the peak material relatively closer to the RMS.

Plus, I thought it ironic since radio had a large part in favoring "overlimiting" in the first place & over the years, ad nauseam. Which began innocently enough with the desire to preserve pure transmission signal-to-noise ratio.