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The week preceeding Easter, I spent in Boulder, Colorado, taking part in 
Mike Metlay's third incarnation of mindSpiral, i.e. mind3Spiral, 
consisting of Mike Metlay, John Rossi III, and me.  The week culminated 
in a concert at the Fiske planetarium on Saturday, 7 April.  Please 
direct your browsers and your attention to http://www.mindspiral.com if 
you have a moment.  Among the new delights you'll find there:

- short audio excerpts from ALL tracks in the live mind3Spiral show from 
last Saturday night
- photos from the show, including a sneak peek at one of the coolest new 
scientific exhibits anywhere, courtesy of the computer-modeling geniuses 
at NOAA and NCAR
- a set of photos from last year's mind2Spiral show, including 
performance shots in the dome
- a couple of not terribly well hidden easter eggs

Tonight on StillStream.com's Blue Water Drift Dive show, there will be 
an exclusive premiere of one or more full-length tracks from the 
concert.  These may be released on an album.  (Discussions are in 
progress.)  I'll be hanging out in the station's chat room to answer 
questions, too.  <http://stillstream.com> has all the details for 
listening and chatting.

Looping, analog emulations, processed guitars, an actual ROMpler, and 
lots of other yummie stuff went into the making of this music.  No 
engangered wild North American Semiconductors were harmed during the 
making of this music, although Massive did blow up Chainer at one point 
during the show.

Thanks for your attention,