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Re: mindSpiral

Oh man..would have loved to have seen that.  I'm heading down to Denver 
soon.  Metlay and Rossi were big posters in the old rec.music.synth 
group when I first joined way way back there near it's conception.   Any 
other upcoming events?  Planning to bring my Memorymoog and a Karma down 
this time anticipating any possible gigs :-) -Bob

Bill Fox wrote:

> Greetings,
> The week preceeding Easter, I spent in Boulder, Colorado, taking part 
> in Mike Metlay's third incarnation of mindSpiral, i.e. mind3Spiral, 
> consisting of Mike Metlay, John Rossi III, and me.  The week 
> culminated in a concert at the Fiske planetarium on Saturday, 7 
> April.  Please direct your browsers and your attention to 
> http://www.mindspiral.com if you have a moment.  Among the new 
> delights you'll find there:
> - short audio excerpts from ALL tracks in the live mind3Spiral show 
> from last Saturday night
> - photos from the show, including a sneak peek at one of the coolest 
> new scientific exhibits anywhere, courtesy of the computer-modeling 
> geniuses at NOAA and NCAR
> - a set of photos from last year's mind2Spiral show, including 
> performance shots in the dome
> - a couple of not terribly well hidden easter eggs
> Tonight on StillStream.com's Blue Water Drift Dive show, there will be 
> an exclusive premiere of one or more full-length tracks from the 
> concert.  These may be released on an album.  (Discussions are in 
> progress.)  I'll be hanging out in the station's chat room to answer 
> questions, too.  <http://stillstream.com> has all the details for 
> listening and chatting.
> Looping, analog emulations, processed guitars, an actual ROMpler, and 
> lots of other yummie stuff went into the making of this music.  No 
> engangered wild North American Semiconductors were harmed during the 
> making of this music, although Massive did blow up Chainer at one 
> point during the show.
> Thanks for your attention,
> Bill