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Re: mindSpiral

Hi Bob,

There are no plans for public performance that I know of in the near 
future.  The yearly show at the Fiske in April has always been 
endangered by the weather.  This year's show was almost canceled!  It 
wasn't but the weather kept attendance low.  As a result, there's a push 
to move the show to a time when weather will not be a factor.  
mind4Spiral is in the planning stages.  I don't know who Mike has 
invited but I do kow that it is intended to be a studio effort instead 
of a performance effort.

Heading down to Denver from where?  Do you know about the Ricochet 
Gathering in Yellowstone this August?



Bob Weigel wrote:
> Oh man..would have loved to have seen that.  I'm heading down to 
> Denver soon.  Metlay and Rossi were big posters in the old 
> rec.music.synth group when I first joined way way back there near it's 
> conception.   Any other upcoming events?  Planning to bring my 
> Memorymoog and a Karma down this time anticipating any possible gigs 
> :-) -Bob
> Bill Fox wrote:
>> The week preceeding Easter, I spent in Boulder, Colorado, taking part 
>> in Mike Metlay's third incarnation of mindSpiral, i.e. mind3Spiral, 
>> consisting of Mike Metlay, John Rossi III, and me.  The week 
>> culminated in a concert at the Fiske planetarium on Saturday, 7 
>> April.  Please direct your browsers and your attention to 
>> http://www.mindspiral.com if you have a moment.  Among the new 
>> delights you'll find there: ...