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Re: mindSpiral

I'm in Bozeman, MT.  No hadn't heard about that gathering. -Bob

Bill Fox wrote:

> Hi Bob,
> There are no plans for public performance that I know of in the near 
> future.  The yearly show at the Fiske in April has always been 
> endangered by the weather.  This year's show was almost canceled!  It 
> wasn't but the weather kept attendance low.  As a result, there's a 
> push to move the show to a time when weather will not be a factor.  
> mind4Spiral is in the planning stages.  I don't know who Mike has 
> invited but I do kow that it is intended to be a studio effort instead 
> of a performance effort.
> Heading down to Denver from where?  Do you know about the Ricochet 
> Gathering in Yellowstone this August?
> Cheers,
> Bill
> Bob Weigel wrote:
>> Oh man..would have loved to have seen that.  I'm heading down to 
>> Denver soon.  Metlay and Rossi were big posters in the old 
>> rec.music.synth group when I first joined way way back there near 
>> it's conception.   Any other upcoming events?  Planning to bring my 
>> Memorymoog and a Karma down this time anticipating any possible gigs 
>> :-) -Bob
>> Bill Fox wrote:
>>> The week preceeding Easter, I spent in Boulder, Colorado, taking 
>>> part in Mike Metlay's third incarnation of mindSpiral, i.e. 
>>> mind3Spiral, consisting of Mike Metlay, John Rossi III, and me.  The 
>>> week culminated in a concert at the Fiske planetarium on Saturday, 7 
>>> April.  Please direct your browsers and your attention to 
>>> http://www.mindspiral.com if you have a moment.  Among the new 
>>> delights you'll find there: ...