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Re: Broadcast Treaty very very bad

On 14 apr 2007, at 21.04, samba - wrote:

> BoingBoing:
> Public hearing on Broadcast Treaty in DC, May 9
> The US Patent and Trademark Office is holding public hearings on  
> May 9 to discuss the US position on the WIPO Broadcast Treaty --  
> you can attend and even speak.
> The Broadcast Treaty is a proposal to let broadcasters (and  
> "webcasters" -- people who host files and make them available to  
> the Internet) claim a copyright to the stuff that they transmit.  
> Broadcasters get this special right even if the stuff they're  
> sending around is in the public domain, or Creative Commons  
> licensed, or not copyrightable (like CSPAN's broadcasts of  
> Congress). Fair use doesn't apply to this right.
> What this means is that a handful of corporations are going to be  
> able to claim copyrights over billions of works they didn't create  
> -- works that they've done nothing to improve, works they've done  
> nothing for except electromagnetically modulating them.
> What this means is that these corporations are going to be able to  
> trump the rights of actual creators. If you put a Creative Commons  
> license on your video that allows your fans to share it, the  
> "broadcaster" -- or the person who transmits it over the Web -- can  
> override your wishes and tell your fans that they can't.
> This is a proposed UN treaty, and the US position on it keeps  
> wavering. The tech sector recently woke up and told the government  
> off for selling them out in Geneva, critically wounding the  
> Treaty's prospects. With a little help, it could die altogether.

Holy Shit! I could never have imagined that coming up... I know  
about, and think it makes sense, when the author "sells" the  
copyright of media music especially designed for a certain tv show,  
advertisement spot etc, but this new treaty seems just crazy!  
Attempted robbery.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)
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