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Re: [LOOP] Help: RC-20XL or Digitech Jam-Man? Quantize feature?

On Tue, 17 Apr 2007, Brent Santin wrote:

> I need some help in deciding between the Digi-tech
> Jam-Man or the BOSS RC-20XL.  Those are the two
> looping pedals in my price range with a built in
> click-track.
> Right off the bat, the Digitech seems to have better
> features for the money (especially the flash memory &
> USB connections, XLR mic connector).
> But it is missing one feature that the BOSS has: the
> QUANTIZE function.  I assume that when I press the

I don't use Quantize, but from the rest of your email it seems important 
to you, so go for the RC-20XL. I have both pedals and use both. For me, I 
like the greater # of loops permissible on the Jamman, and I like the USB 
connectivity. But the RC-20 and the XL both have a "reverse" feature, and 
can run on batteries. I like the Boss reverse loop feature, and I like the 
ability to use one less power adapter at times, so I use both my Boss and 

Steve B
Subscape Annex    http://www.subscapeannex.com/