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Re: Help: RC-20XL or Digitech Jam-Man? Quantize feature?

Quoting Stephen Scott <stevoj@yahoo.com>:

> kkissinger@kevinkissinger.com wrote:  .......
> That is, I can record a single one-bar loop and
> then, while it plays, record other loops that are longer -- the RC50
> quantizes such that the long loops are always integrally related to
> the short loop.
> .......
> Wow, that's a handy feature.  I wasn't aware of this potential.    
> This would be really useful for me.
> Stephen

I should mention that this feature is user-settable -- you can operate  
it as three independent (unsync'd) loops or sync two or all three of  

It also does the opposite, too... you can start with a long loop --  
when you press the pedal to end the loop, the RC50 internally  
calculates the tempo and the number of bars.  You can then create  
short loops -- when you end those loops the RC50 will round (quantize)  
them to the nearest bar.

-- Kevin