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AW: new looping/drone track for your enjoyment

Personally (this is just me with my specific musical interest), I always
find it hard to find drones like that interesting (one of the few 
being Eno's Apollo). Mostly, I think of such material as a possible
background for melodic atonal non-rhythmic improvisations by a lead
instrument, except if there's lot of texture changes and dynamics happening
(which isn't the case in your track, at least not for my taste on this).

I do however greatly enjoy such things in an ensemble setting like the 
we did last week (still didn't get through to doing some edits - look
forward to it ;), e.g. if you have beats and bass coming from one player,
another player adding some atonal (even acoustic) stuff like Daryl did and
some ambient drones like yours.

Just my .02...


> I just posted up a track - would love to know what people think of it.
> You can get it via my podcast:
> http://www.collective.co.uk/darkroom/podcast.html
> or directly at:
> http://www.expert-sleepers.co.uk/darkroom/podcast/drone_of_4_4_7.mp3