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Re: new looping/drone track for your enjoyment

----- Original Message -----
From: "Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill"
> Personally (this is just me with my specific musical interest), I always
> find it hard to find drones like that interesting (one of the few exceptions
> being Eno's Apollo). Mostly, I think of such material as a possible
> background for melodic atonal non-rhythmic improvisations by a lead
> instrument, except if there's lot of texture changes and dynamics happening
> (which isn't the case in your track, at least not for my taste on this).
...atonal....non-rhythmic...texture changes...just my cup of tea, Rainer! Like this?  http://box.net/public/khartung/files/2057802.html 
It's a natural drone....the real didjeridu, starting at 3:47. This was a performance where I ran everything from the percussionist, including the didg, into my looping system. I haven't named this tune, but I think I'll call it "Tormentus Down-Underus". 
NOTES: "Starts with looping the chimes, then reversing them; lots of other natural percussion devices in here from Vinnie; I come in with my signature guitar synth tone about 2:57, but the patch is too damn loud, which again forces me into an uncomfortable zone and impacts my playing in an unpredictable way; 3:47...didjeridu comes into the loop; 7:06...the entire soundscape drops down to half speed...good grief, the didj sounds sinister this way! Sounds like some horrific monster lurking in the depths; 8:31...Vinnie starts talking, breathing, and groaning into the didjeridu like a tortured and haunted soul down under; 11:00 fade out...new movement...Vinnie inhaling and exhaling into the didjeridu, as if meditating...into a deep sleep....me descending down, down, down....12:52 comes the computer ambient noise, and Vinnie doing more weird vocal work into his didjeridu over the top of the prior looped section; Vinnie starts scratching the mic with his finger; I'm still descending, and then playing abstract melodies and runs....we fade out"