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Re: My piano looping video/ and some thoughts

fabio....a very nice piece of music but it made me reflect on a 
corncern that i have about the 1/2 hr. formats of the loopfests.....i 
am sure that i heard this tune in zurick but it did not impact me as it 
did just now.....i just listened to per's 2 tunes (nice), os' tune ( i 
need more beat, but that's just me, luv ya os!) and then your 
piece.....this is not the proper order but at the fest if i listened to 
a 1/2hr. of per and a 1/2 hr. of os then a 1/2 hr of fabio's music i 
would have been burned out because there would have been no time to 
decompress, digest nor communicate with the artist.....i fell that this 
is a disservice to both the audience and the artis.....many times at 
fests i have to run from the room for periods of time and i know that i 
miss some great music but i often can no longer listen to anything 
without a break, i begin to get overwhelmed both physically and 
emotionally.....i know i stress when i play in front of people and i 
project this feeling (perhaps wrongly) onto the artist that's playing 
and i "emote" for them, especially if one's kit is misbehaving, i feel 
that i suffer as much as the artist and their panic at this situation, 
that is a part of the emotionallity that i mentioned above (empathy 
perhaps).....so when it's BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM performer wise i 
know i miss more than i hear.....i know that listening to mr. zorzi's 
guitar extraganzas (which i turely love) then he is followed by say 
fabio's sweet melloness, i'm at least 10-15min. screwing my head back 
on after zorzi's wonderful rampage and i miss a good percentage of 
fabio's set.....or stanasours making me a part of another demention 
(beautiful) then not missing a beat listening to a delicate folksinging 
looper (i don't remember if this was the case, i use it as another 
example), stan transported me "somewhere else" and it takes time to get 
back.....granted it is great to hear many different artists but when 
you can only really listen to just a % of them i wonder if this is the 
best format to exchange our music, when can the learning take place, 
the dialogue (many folks just came, played and left right after their 
sets and it was hard to impossible to communicate with 
them).....perhaps i am off base with these observations but keep in 
mind i am knocking on the door to the scary 60 and i am becoming an old 
fart who is getting pretty deaf and i must work hard to listen.....just 
some thoughts that i'm having thinking about setting a "smallish" fest 
here in pittsburgh.....michael


  <<My piano looping video is now on youtube:
www.eterogeneo.com >>

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