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Re: My piano looping video/ and some thoughts

Personally, I don't like the music festival approach.  To me it's
about as appealing as the idea of having sex with (say) six people in
an evening, thirty minutes at a time, with ten or fifteen minutes
between each person.  Or drinking six different bottles of wine over
the course of a night in the same manner.  Oh, it may sound like a
good idea beforehand, but when you get down to actually doing it...

As an audience member, I really prefer to see one musical performance,
no more than two in a twenty-four hour period.  Many people seem to
feel otherwise, hence the number of tickets sold to weekend rock
festivals.  No lineup could entice me to one of those, regardless of
the bands to ticket price ratio.  Booking agents like multi-artist
bills because it maxmizes the number potential drink buying crowd
(lottery system open mics are the best example of this--all the
musicians have to sit around much longer than if they knew when they
were going on, and so do their handful of friends...drinking).  But
for me personally, it doesn't work, as an audience member or as a

And yeah, if I'm unfamiliar with an musician's work beforehand, my
attention is really going to start waning around 45 minutes unless
they're a stone cold genius.

But for all of you who enjoy it, by all means, carry on.


On 4/18/07, nemoguitt@aol.com <nemoguitt@aol.com> wrote:
> fabio....a very nice piece of music but it made me reflect on a
> corncern that i have about the 1/2 hr. formats of the loopfests...